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  -  Journal   -  10 ways to run a Sustainable and Responsible Business

As an authentic sustainable and responsible creative business, this is a hot topic that we’re really passionate about…’s not something we do just to tick a box and pay lip service to!

We want all our activities to positively affect society as a whole. Having previously owned and managed a multi award winning sustainable design business, it’s a natural part of our business ethics and mentality, continuously aiming to deliver the most sustainable solution for all your creative requirements.
Read on to find out our 10 ways to run a Sustainable and Responsible business.

1. Use recycled paper and water-based ink
In the digital marketing world, it would be easy to dismiss printed marketing materials for not being sustainable and responsible. But some of your potential clients, especially from an older generation, may not have access to the Internet.

Even if they do go online, they might struggle to know what to do and find their way round the online space. For these clients, printed materials, such as leaflets dropped through their door, could potentially be the only way they’ll get to find out about your products and services.

Printed material can still be a vital part of your business marketing mix but getting it right can be an ecological minefield. As a sustainable and responsible creative business, our supply chain is thoroughly checked to make sure that recycled or sustainably sourced paper is always used and water-based inks are in the pots for the printing presses. We also go with the ‘Two Sides Principles’ to minimise and reduce the environmental impact of our print activities, contributing to sustainable development.

2. Plant trees with Tree-Nation
To do our bit in the fight against climate change, we’ve teamed up with Tree-Nation to plant trees and offer trees as e-gifts to each and every one of our clients.

Every time we plant a new tree with Tree-Nation, they calculate the amount of CO2 emissions we offset based on the tree species we choose and its location. All the CO2 compensated is meticulously calculated and fully accounted for in our very own Creative Fabrik Forest.

3. Sign up to the Responsible Business Directory
We’re proud members of ORB, the Organisation for Responsible Businesses and we’re listed in the UK Responsible Business Directory. ORB’s tagline is ‘Let’s Change The World…One Small Business At A Time’. Their vision is of thriving, vibrant cities, towns and villages, where small businesses play a vital role in their local communities, contributing socially and economically and setting an example of ethical and responsible business behaviour in the UK and across the world.

4. Set up Email Marketing Campaigns
Need to send a leaflet to some new prospects? How about swapping printed material for a much more targeted email marketing campaign and save the cost of the stamps too?

Email marketing is the use of email within your marketing efforts to promote your business’s products and services, as well as nurture customer loyalty. It’s a form of marketing that can make the customers on your email list aware of new products, discounts and other services. It can also be a softer sell to educate your audience on the value of your brand or keep them engaged in between purchases.

Email marketing is a low-cost but highly effective way to generate leads, boost sales and reach your target audience. Did you know that email marketing is up to 40 times more effective than social media? According to McKinsey & Company, the buying process happens 3 times faster than on social media.

5. Sell your products online with an e-commerce website
Websites are a massive part of your marketing mix…. how about adding a branded shop to your website to start selling your products online?
Save on the costs of running a bricks and mortar shop and employing sales staff. Online shopping makes purchases simpler, faster, and more flexible for your customers. Sales can be made 24/7, 365 days of the year and the whole process is fully automated.

Partner up with a company offering a fulfilment solution and let the local team package up your products and deliver them for you.

6. Keep up with environmental legislation
We always aim to meet and try to exceed any relevant environmental legislation. If legislation doesn’t exist in a particular area, we look to carry out best practices anyway.
One such example is the Environment Act, which came into law in December 2020. It provides the Government with powers to set new binding targets for air quality, water, biodiversity, and waste reduction.

The Act also establishes a new environmental watchdog, the Office for Environmental Protection (OEP), which will hold the Government and other public bodies to account and ensure that environmental laws are complied with.

7. Make excellent Customer Service a priority
We love looking after our customers to make sure they have a positive and lasting impression of our business, by ensuring we consistently review the following:

  • improving customer satisfaction and retention
  • ensuring the safety and quality of our products and services
  • clearly communicating with our customers
  • regularly reviewing, monitoring and assessing whether or not our measures are working

8. Review your Supply Chain
Our suppliers have a strict criteria to meet as it’s vital to make sure we use good suppliers and maintain a good working relationship with them.
We check that our suppliers:

  • provide evidence that they adhere to the Modern Slavery Act 2015
  • operate in line with the Bribery Act 2010

On our side, we make sure we:

  • use local suppliers wherever possible
  • pay our suppliers properly and on time
  • communicate clearly with our suppliers

9. Protect the Environment
Protecting the environment is important to us and we’re committed to reducing the environmental impact that our business activities may have.
Therefore, we:

  • monitor waste reduction, re-use as much as possible and recycle
  • measure water usage and implement water saving measures
  • monitor the types of materials used within the business i.e. whether they are recyclable or can be made from recycled material

10. Engage with your local Community
As a responsible business, we try to do our bit to support local communities by:

  • sponsorship of or monetary donations to local charities, sports clubs, societies, youth groups, community centres, etc
  • supporting local charities by donating time i.e. staff participation in volunteering days
  • supporting the surrounding community by employing local suppliers whenever possible
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