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Photography puts you, your products and your brand in front of your customers – did you know that when you add an image to text the recall rate jumps by 65%?


Whether you need eye-catching image photography for your brochures, professional headshots for your social-media or more candid, relaxed images for your website Creative Fabrik have a trusted network of professional photographers.


Our experienced team can create an effective brief or oversee the entire creative process to ensure you get the shots you need to strengthen your brand and showcase your business.

Video Production

Video is so much more than corporate talking heads or even YouTube. Video is for product reveals, addressing customers one-on-one; it’s for social media like TikTok and InstagramTV, vlogging, news updates and adverts.


Video keeps people engaged and the possibilities are endless.


Creative Fabrik can advise on everything from choosing the right platforms to writing scripts and mapping storyboards. We can deliver all of your video projects, from simple, cost-effective shorts made from existing material to big budget, big effect productions.


We collaborate with ambitious brands and people; we’d love to build something great together.