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Hunnaball Funeral Group


After some initial conversation with Hunnaball Funeral Group, the team at Creative Fabrik have really enjoyed a growing business relationship with the Directors of the business helping them with all their printed design, advertising and marketing.


As a close-nit community minded family group with over 15 branches in Essex and Suffolk there is plenty to keep the team busy with the largest independent funeral company in East Anglia.


We have designed all their new magazine advertising as well as keeping the branches stocked with window graphics and printed marketing materials throughout the groups companies.


The team running the marketing at Hunnaball Funeral Group are a joy to work with, great briefs and deadlines at the ready, makes Project Management and the organising of all the advertising content as easy as it can be.


Their strapline is ‘Here Whenever you need us’ and the team at Creative Fabrik have the same values…