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Eastgates Lettings

Eastgates Lettings is your local, family run Lettings Agency based in the UKs newest City, Colchester aiming to get you moving…


Eastgates Lettings are dedicated to presenting every single property in the best light. Their in house lettings teams can collect all the marketing material and photos required in one visit and load it on the Internet, often within hours of visiting your property.


The came to us looking for a new website design, that enabled them to showcase their services within the lettings market in Colchester and off course the properties that they have on their books. With the emphasis on clean and simple user navigation, as well as search compliant and responsive we went about the design collaboratively to ensure the final on-time delivery of the new website met their expectations. They also wanted an area within the CMS that would allow them to keep their tenants updated and we continue to support the team’s ongoing requirements with regular project updates to the site.


We loved working with their team too…