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Tackling creativity with a retainer
The team here at Creative Fabrik, love design, love creativity and love results… all the work we deliver here is driven by this thought process. We also love helping and solving our clients creative problems. One service that we offer is a Creative Retainer service that allows our clients the flexibility to know that ALL their creative design needs are covered…. every month and for a one off, manageable fee.


Everyone should have creativity as part of their business fabrik (see what we did there) and we are here to help, need a social media post designed by tomorrow, need a leaflet to go to print by the end of the week, looking for some website graphics for a new service, for a one off monthly retainer we can look after all this for you and more, both online and offline work and as much of it as you need all with a one off retained price for a 3, 6 or 12 month contract.


Imagine you, sitting at your desk, doing the things that make you happy in the business and suddenly an email drops in with the three new social media post imagery to Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram all done, realise you need a graphic for the website blog post you are writing… no problem, just pop the request and its in your inbox before you can say “love that design”. No need for huge costs associated with staff and, from your brief, its all happening whilst you carry on working…


Capturing the hearts of 3 billion followers worldwide, football is a serious business and when we were approached by Nottinghamshire-based Eastwood Community Football Club, we knew how important our interpretation of their brief would be and the speed that we would need to react to their design requirements… working across all mediums as they are a football club and a local events venue.


Jamie Bennett, Chairman of the football club said: “Creative Fabrik have been a pleasure to work with. Our business needs a proactive designer for a range of needs……Rik has been able to work with our existing brand, create new and innovative designs, while turning work around for us at speed which is great for any fast-moving business”.


Our retainer with the team at Eastwood CFC encompasses all their creative needs from offline promotional materials like leaflets, posters and business cards through to online projects like TV and stadium screen graphics, social media post and website graphics. In addition to this, there is also all the design and production of the complete signage solution for their club, bar, education provision, catering and stadium facilities and all been done to a deadline as the new football season rolled around.


The end result is a consistent, on brand solution, for ALL the clubs creative and design requirements. Jamie added “We as a business know when we have any design needs be it digital, print, signage etc, we are in the best of hands using Creative Fabrik.”


We love working with the team at Eastwood CFC and look forward to 2021 with a partnership on, off and around the field…we are excited to be working together and glad that the team at Eastwood CFC have the same thoughts as Jamie concludes, “From Eastwood CFC we thank you for your hard and quality work!”


Need a creative spark in your business for 2021 and looking for someone to step right in, be creative, design elements and get results for brand awareness and customer engagement… need it fast… then give us a call on 01206 482891 and have a chat with Rik and lets get a bit more creativity into your business fabrik… for a monthly affordable cost…